While the snow still falls in Cow Head, Pittman’s Construction and sub contractors are busy as can with the last stages of construction of the Nurse Myra Bennett Centre for the Performing Arts to get her ready for summer 2020! It would not be possible without the generous support of our Set the Stage donors and our Government of Canada and Government of Newfoundland & Labrador funders!!! Looking forward to welcoming you all to celebrate Gros Morne Theatre Festival’s 25 anniversary in this magnificent facility! Thank you for making this happen!!!






While our scheduled season opening is some time away, we know you are wondering what the next few months holds in store with regards to the Covid-19 Pandemic in every aspect of life.

TNL is anticipating that our 2020 Gros Morne Theatre Festival season opening will be delayed, however as we continue to work through the details of our revised season dates, we encourage you to go ahead and book your tickets to Gros Morne Theatre Festival’s 25th anniversary season with confidence – knowing that if the performance you’ve booked is cancelled you will be refunded shortly after the cancellation or if you decide that travel is not in your best interest closer to the performance date, you will receive a full refund based on our cancellation policy. (Individual patrons-24-hour cancellation; tour groups one-week cancellation).

The Grand Opening of the Nurse Myra Bennett Centre for the Performing Arts, originally set for June 5-7,2020 has been postponed to a GRAND CELEBRATION, currently set for mid-September. Dates and details will be announced as confirmed.

As we all deal with ‘unknowns’, we all want to be making plans for fun times ahead. Live Theatre is all about bringing people together and we look forward to seeing you in Cow Head this summer and celebrating all the wonderful things about being together again!

Stay safe and if you still have concerns/questions please call us at 1-877-243-2899. Please note our staff are working from home, but telephone will be checked regularly throughout the day and your call will be returned ASAP. There is no interruption in our email communications.

Tickets Can be Purchased Online, Please Click Here.


Help Set the Stage for a Bright Future

 . . . for Theatre Newfoundland Labrador!

For over 25 years, Theatre Newfoundland Labrador has been putting on quite a show. Many shows in fact! Our sold-out summer season at the Gros Morne Theatre Festival in beautiful Cow Head now has to turn audiences away-we just can't accommodate them in our current facilities. And just thinking of new and better facilities allows us to imagine how much more we could do-from workshops to residencies to touring to extending the reach of our year-round programs.

Message from our Campaign Chair

Dear Friends,

I am truly honoured to be chairing The Set the Stage capital campaign to build a new theatre facility in the beautiful rural Newfoundland community of Cow Head. I’m honoured because for 22 years, as the local MP and then as Premier, I watched Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador, in woefully inadequate facilities, evolve their summer program. It has made The Gros Morne Theatre Festival a national gem by capturing and retelling important stories about rural Canadian life.

The Festival’s ability to find and tell the stories that move us has earned the respect of international audiences both in Cow Head and on the multi-year tours that have resulted from the original works TNL has commissioned.

But the Set the Stage campaign isn’t just about bricks and mortar. Through believing in and creating opportunity for countless writers, actors and production personnel, the Festival enriches lives in all corners of this country and even on Broadway. TNL has delivered a wonderfully authentic tourism experience and it has positively impacted a community and a region facing tough economic times.

Both our federal and provincial governments have stepped up to help this Festival reach its full potential. Now I am asking the public and the private sectors to come together to help make this important project a reality. I’m excited by the possibilities these new facilities will create for our youth, for a rural economy and for the art of storytelling that we all appreciate so much.

Please join me in making a contribution to this important project.

The Honourable Brian V. Tobin, P.C., O.C. 

Campaign Chair, Set The Stage

Campaign Cabinet Theatre Newfoundland Labrador Board of Directors

About The Gros Morne Theatre Festival 

The Gros Morne Theatre Festival is a major Canadian theatre festival based in Cow Head, in Gros Morne National Park. The Festival offers a full professional 16 week summer repertory season that includes 6 to 8 plays along with a visiting artist series and a workshop development week. The Festival employs up to 35 individuals including technicians, designers, directors and box office staff. There are two performances nightly (6 days per week) in two 92-seat venues. In the lead-up to the summer program, set design, costuming, and rehearsals all take place in Cow Head. Planning and logistical preparation for a fall touring schedule, that typically involves ten to twelve rural venues, also takes place.