Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle – How to Turn Your Fat Body Into a Fat Burning Machine

When do buyers of fat burner pills and other weight loss supplements become victims? The straight answer – the moment they buy those items. This is how Tom Venuto the body builder author of the celebrated weight loss manual Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle e-book. He looks down at those manufacturers which churn out pills and supplements that are supposed to help people lose fat but are in fact ineffective and worthless.

It is a known fact that many of those who want to lose weight can be initially so motivated that they will do everything to lose even just a gram of fat but will eventually fall back to their old habits of not eating properly and not exercising at all after some time of being on the weight loss program. This is because most of these programs are so restrictive that those who try to follow them become tired and lose motivation.

Some weight loss program involves a diet plan that doesn’t allow you to eat even nutritious foods that are essential to our complete well being and to maintain the functions of our organs. Such restrictive diets can do more harm than good and should be avoided.

Tom Venuto is an advocate of a holistic approach to weight loss. This means that instead of focusing on just losing weight, his program prioritizes fat burning and eliminating unwanted body fat. For this purpose, he includes in his Burn The Fat Feed the Muscle e-book not only information about fat burning foods but also cardio training tips and pointers that are designed to help you move into the maximum fat burning zone every time you exercise. He certainly knows what his exercises when he says cardio training is better in burning fats rather than starving.

Being a bodybuilder himself, he knows his way around the gym when it comes to bodybuilding exercises. Thus he has also included weight training in his program to supplement the strategies for permanent fat loss that he reveals in the e-book. One thing that stands out in his program is how he avoids deprivation diets and fat loss pills, and the importance of water in fat loss.

Another very important aspect that Tom gives importance to and most weight loss programs ignore is goal setting that can guide you into successfully completing the program and going beyond the pages of the e-book to continue and maintain a lean body. He believes that setting up compelling goals will motivate you more than enough to let you go on and keep those unwanted fats from your body forever.

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