Rehearsal Hall

A dedicated rehearsal hall, in close proximity to the work areas and offices, will eliminate the need to use the local church hall (when it's available) for daytime rehearsals. The rehearsal hall will also double as an intimate venue for small performances and facilitate a more integrated approach to workships and educational programs.

Production and Storage Areas

Theatre Newfoundland has never had adequate fabrication and storage facilities for production of costumes, props, sets, and scene painting. Set construction is currently done in a shared rental shop. Scenic painting is done in the church hall in the evening (the same place where rehearsals take place during the day). Dedicated spaces of adequate size means less time on logistics and more on building, repairing and re-purposing. 

Office Areas

For the first time in 23 years, the Artistic Director will have an office.  There will also be appropriate office space for the Company Manager, Production Manager, Technical Director, designers and stage managers. This will add significantly to the efficiency of planning and coordination of activities at a time when there is not only increasing demand for performances but a growing interest in summer and fall workshops and artist in residence experiences. 


Th new complex includes a state of the art kitchen facility for dinner theatre food preparation and serving, enabling the dinner theatre component of GMTF to operate more efficiently.